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Great price and fast shipping

This was my first transaction with Diesel Parts Canada. I found a good price online and ordered. An unexpected nice touch was the Kit Kat inside the package. I will certainly purchase again and recommend them to anyone.

Thanks for your kind words and all your support Mario!
Diesel stabilizer

Great price and fast shipping. Will definitely buy from again.

Thanks for your business Mike!

excellent service great delivery time

Thanks for all your support Rick!

Fast Shipping, great service and product

Thanks for all your support over the years!
Excellent service

Received order and very pleased with service.
KitKat was a bonus will definitely use your services again

Glad to have your support Daryl! Thanks for shopping with us!
Running it for 11 years

I run jet fuel in my diesel and that is a very dry fuel. I religiously put stanadyne lubricant in every tank and haven’t had a single problem with my injectors or pump. (Knock on wood)Thanks again

It's good to know that you are having such excellent success with the Stanadyne additive.


Thanks for your review Michael! Let us know if you need help with anything else.

Best Diesel additive I ever had.The difference in performance was instantly noticeable. I am still in shock over the prompt delivery of the product......doesn't happen very often these days.

Thanks for the kind words Alex! It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Awesome service

Ordered mid afternoon on Thursday and had them in my hand Friday afternoon.

Glad the order showed up so quickly. Thanks again for shopping with us John!

Great service, fast shipping and great products

Thanks for all your support over the years! If there is anything we can help you with let us know.
LB7 Injectors

Thanks for such great service each injector was boxed very nice and great to see genuine Bosch name on every box with a seal showing it was not open before exactly what I ordered
Great customer service and fast shipping

Barry we are proud to be able to supply great product lines like Bosch. Thank you for your support!
Quick and easy

Ordered an isspro fuel pressure gauge. Was the best price I found online by a long shot. Ordering was simple and delivery was quick.

Hi Ryan, I'm glad to hear the gauge worked out for you. If there is anything else you need let us know.
Great value

Fast and friendly!The FICM did work great!The oil filters are a-1.Thanks very much

Thanks for the kind words Gary! Your support is greatly appreciated!
Great stuff

The injector lubricious works great and will buy again

Glad to hear it Ron!
Made a noticeable difference

We have been using Stanadyne Performance Formula All Season Diesel Fuel additive for 15 years and we are believers. We have just tried the Stanadyne Gasoline Fuel Additive on our 2006 Toyota Sienna van and are seeing noticeable results ... better starting, smoother running and less hesitation. So far we have run through two bottles (2 tanks of fuel) on this vehicle which was never previously treated with a fuel injection cleaner. I hope that it continues to improve with more use as the fuel system cleans up. I plan to continue to use this conditioner with every fill up. I also will add it to my small engine gas and hope to see similar result.

Glad to hear you are having such great success with the Stanadyne product line!
Can't be sure yet

8y.o dtech failed, brought truck back to life with original black standyne. Promptly found OEM part on DPC website. Wish DPC had provided me with this note instead of the chocolate bar, though it was a nice touch.

also the product arrived slightly scratched up and like someone had pried into the back casing with a small screw driver already (ie. refurb?) I took pictures in case I have any problems. But I won't know until I either grind down the wings on my original spec plug, or order a new harness which will likely be my route. Not seeing any simpler adapters yet. All this fun started after I opened the box that said "Once opened product can't be returned."

gained 1 star for the chocolate bar and prompt shipping. I know I should have done more research, but there is a comments section attached to the product. That would have been a great place to mention it.

Hi Henry, Thanks for your review and bringing your concerns to our attention. First I am sorry for the inconvenience that not having the adapter for your new PMD has caused. We have taken your advice and added a note to the product stating that the adapter maybe required depending on what your last PMD was. I can ensure you that the PMD that you purchased is a brand new part and is not refurbished. I am not sure about the scratches that you found on your PMD because of the stickers that we put on the packaging we make sure that the product cannot be tampered with prior to being supplied to the customer. If you have any other concerns I would be happy to help you.
Free "T"

Nice T shirt, can't beat the price

Enjoy the shirt Jonathan!
THE Place to buy Stanadyne diesel conditioner

This was my first transaction with Diesel Parts Canada. I usually buy my fuel conditioner at Fort Garry but they do not carry Stanadyne. I found a good price online from Diesel Parts Canada and ordered a case. They ship from Edmonton to Calgary and the product arrived very quickly. An unexpected nice touch was the Kit Kat inside the package. I will certainly purchase from this company again and recommend them to anyone.

Thanks for the kind words Jim! I'm glad you enjoyed the KitKat.

Super fast, very helpful and friendly, will definitely be using this site more for my parts

Thanks for your support Cody!
Best service, Great product.

Bought the Stanadyne Performance Formula All Season Diesel Fuel Additive
Awesome product used it in our equipment and instantly stopped injectors from sticking and poor spray patters. No more smoking white exhaust.

Thanks for a great product with fast service. The treat and note in the box was a surprise as well! a division of Silvercrest Contracting Inc.

Thanks for your kind words and your support. If there is anything else you need let us know.
Great company

Thanks for the prompt shipping! And for the hand written note and treat! Will shop again!

We really appreciate your kind words and support Curtis!
Great company

Excellent shio time by courier . The price is the best in Alberta

We are glad to hear you're happy with your purchase Kent!
They work but not the end to problems you will have with in the future.

I bought two of these units from a different supplier this Dorman product works as advertised but it will fail in the future just like the OEM did. They make better units out there for these trucks now and they are made in the USA much better design. Diesel parts Canada would do themselves a favor by getting these newer type to sell at their store instead of these Dorman ficm's. I also have used the Aliant ficm and it worked flawlessly for about a year now.

Hi Rod, I agree with you that the Alliant Power FICM is an excellent choice that is why we offer these complete units programmed and ready to install. We have chosen to carry the Dorman FICM circuit board as an alternative to the complete FICM's that we carry as a less expensive option for those customers not looking to replace their FICM. We have supplied the Dorman circuit boards as we have not encountered any warranty concerns from our customers. We will definitely look into other options for the FICM circuit boards in the future as well as continue to supply the Dorman circuit board.
stainless steel mesh filter screen instead of OEM plastic mesh filter screen

This kit needs to come with a stainless steel mesh filter screen instead of OEM plastic mesh filter screen that always seems to be ripped when removed for repair from normal use. Had this unit came with that it would get a full 5 star rating. Maybe you should ask the manufacturer to see if they could change that over to make their product even more robust.

In our experience we tend to see these screens rip when there has been some form of oil contamination. When there is contamination in the system, it clogs this filter screen. If the screen becomes too plugged the pressure of the pump will force the oil to break through the screen preventing the system from being starved of oil. We will definitely pass on your concerns to the manufacturer for their consideration.
Quality parts

Good quality gasket set. Fit perfect. Fast shipping.

We appreciate your feed back Jonathan.
Great service

Painless ordering and delivered on time and in great shape

It's always nice to hear from a satisfied customer! Thanks for your support Greg!

very good service, unbelievably quick.

Thanks for the kind words Jared!
Awesome additive

Like to use this in my 6.0, for the lube and cetane value. Highly recommend, and a great deal buying in bulk

You're right Jonathan this is a great product!
Quality as always

Thanx again Diesel Parts Canada, for quality parts, fast shipping, and friendly staff. Forget those cheap quality Ebay stores, do the job right the first time. I've been buying parts here for my 6.0 for a few years now and will be in the future.

Your business and support are greatly appreciated Jonathan!
Great service

The shipping was fast and the product was as advertised at a great price

Thanks for the great review, Matt. We get most shipments out same day so they're in our customers hands quickly! Looking forward to serving you again in the future.
6.4 head set

Great purcahce, price was less then a local dealer and the shipping was free and quick! Even a Kit Kat bar :)

Thanks for the great review, Gerry. Enjoy the Kit Kat!

is it normal there is a smell inside my cab

Hi Frank, First off thank you for your great review! The only down fall of this great product is it stinks! If you have an empty or open bottle of the additive in your vehicle you are definitely going to smell it. If you have spilled any of the additive in your cab you can use baking soda to reduce the smell by sprinkling it on the area where the spill occurred. Hopefully this helps with your question and if you need anything else let me know.
Jarrod is Awesome

This is the best place to buy diesel parts. Price is very reasonable for Diesel parts. Also, I got a free DPC T-shirt and two kit Kats. I also got hand written note from Jarrod. You are best Jarrod. Keep up the good work DPC.

Thanks for the kind words Ketul!
Great service

The stanadyne arrived as promised and works great in the truck.
Thanks for the great and prompt service I will be back to get other products.

Glad to hear the product is working well for you Hugh! Thanks for your support!
Fabulous Business to deal with

Prompt and courteous response to email, extremely quick turnaround from placing order to receiving product on my door step. DPFP was literally half price than from a Ford dealership.
Keep up your great customer service!

Thank you for the kind words, Corneils!
Stanadyne Lunricity

Absolutely fantastic shipping time and product was packaged so well

Thank you for the great review, Susan!

This company is amazing, extremely fast shipping and amazing customer service. I have purchased a few products from them now and am nothing less than very satisfied. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for the kind words, Zach!

1994-1997 Ford 7.3 L PowerStroke Fuel Filter Drain Valve Kit

Thank you for the review, Darcy!
Excellent !

Great company to order from to get a good product with fast shipping!

Awesome company

Bought a valve cover gasket for my ‘01 Ram. Received only a coupe days after ordering. Much cheaper than NAPA or Bumper 2 Bumper.
No brainer that I’ll use again in the future. Thanks guys!

2005 Ford 6.0L FICM

Very impressed with the fast service and quality part, would recommend Diesel Parts Canada to everyone.

review of racor filter purchase

The deal you offered on ALL your product for boxing week was great and appreciated. The thank you note and the kit-kat bar enclosed with the order was a nice touch and I will definitely remember your business in the future. Thank you for your prompt and pleasant service. Chris in St Catharines Ont

Performance formula

Great service and an excellent product I have used for years.

Amazing and quick delivery, and

Amazing and quick delivery, and the amazing touch of a “kitkat” really got the kids going. Thanks guys!



Fast and easy

Very Fast shipping, packaged well, excellent product been using for years

Gasoline additive

Convenient size of bottle to put in the fuel tank of my 2014 Ford Flex