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2011-14 6.7 Contamination Kit

Very impressed when the kit arrived! All fuel delivery components were genuine Bosch and Ford OEM. A perfect package for what I needed to do. Though minor, was a bit disappointed that the picture showed all necessary gaskets to perform the repair however, no gaskets were in the kit.
All things considered, Diesel Parts Canada provided a quality kit at an exceptional price! Very pleased.

GM 1994-2000 6.5L Pump Mounted Driver
Leon D. (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
Lowest priced PMD

Best price around, shipped by Superman. Ordered late afternoon in Saskatoon, had part first thing in morning from Edmonton.👍

2001-2004 GM Duramax 6.6L Full Fuel Filter Assembly
Dave H. (Fort Worth, Texas, United States)

The bleeder screw broke and had to use from old one

Fast and Quality

Fast shipping Turbo showed up looked new , installed and works flawlessly. Great experience, will definitely shop here again!

Part installed and working perfectly. Prompt service

Stanadyne Performance Formula All Season Diesel Fuel Additive
Randy C. (Polson, Montana, United States)
Stanadyne additive

I've only used 1 bottle of the diesel additive, so far no complaints !

Easy and fun

Easy, because it's a simple part that's accessible (even on an E350), requires only to handle connectors, screws and bolts; as my first official DIY repair on my 6.0L, it was rewarding!

And fun, because not messy and annoying.

I was glad to see my voltage back to good measures with my ScanGauge after it was installed!
(And less glad to get a new Check Engine Light, but it's a journey).

Core return is easy even if i had to ask for the label.

I hope i won't buy (this part) again !

Isuzu 5.2L 01/2004-02/2007 4HK1 Injector
Darryl D. (Houston, British Columbia, Canada)
Great transaction

Parts were shipped right away with tracking provided and showed up with no issue

It seems to help

I drive a 2008 F450 with 6.4l powerstroke diesel power. Between the size, weight, and low gear ratios this unit is a fuel hog. Since buying the truck used I have brought the maintenance up to a higher standard and on the recommendation of my mechanic started using Stanadyne diesel fuel additive. Between improved maintenance and using Stanadyne I have improved fuel consumption from 22 l/100 Km to 17 l/100 Km and the truck is running great. Because I made so many changes I can’t attribute improvements directly to Stanadyne but it seems to be a good part of my overall vehicle maintenance plan. I will start using it in my BMW X5 335d to see what difference just using Stanadyne makes.

Awesome customer service

Did everything they could to correct a problem and will be returning as a customer.

2013-2018 Dodge Rebuilt Turbocharger Actuator
Chris H. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
2013 actuaror

So far the part has worked well. It definatly needs to be calibrated before install but other than that it was a quick install. Shipping was good as well. I am just waiting on my core refund and other than that it is a great experience so far

2001-2004 Chevy Duramax LB7 Diesel Fuel Rail Return Line Gaskets
Brian J. (Smithers, British Columbia, Canada)
Return line Hsdkets

Gaskets showed up on time , and as described, great services

Excellent service

Well designed website, with timely notifications of order status

Just like OEM

Fit perfect,quality is A-1 not a cheap knock off that fall apart.Shipped fast good price! Thanks

Stanadyne Performance Formula All Season Diesel Fuel Additive
Wt L. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Been using 2 years, feel good 👍


Part fit exactly to the stock fuel filter cap ,it was half the price and was delivered fast. I will buy here again
Wayne Ubdegrove in Nova Scotia

GM Duramax 2001-2004 6.6L LB7 Injector
Brian J. (Smithers, British Columbia, Canada)

Showed up in 3 days , just as described Bosch reman injectors

Stanadyne Performance Formula All Season Diesel Fuel Additive
Daniel F. (Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada)
Dan F

Thanks . Quick delivery

Certified Refurbished Injector for GM Duramax 2001-2004 6.6L LB7
Bryce W. (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Installed in my truck last weekend. I was in a pinch and had just bought a lower km engine from a wrecker and had an injector stick and didn't wanna fork over another 1800 to do 4 on the one side. So I thought I'd try these refurbished injectors. Changed two injectors, the stuck one and another one that the Balance rate was higher on. Started my truck and my Ballance rates were very close to 0 on the two that I changed. Would recommend these to anyone who is wanting a cheaper option. Shipped very fast aswell. (Changed injectors 2 and 6)

Stanadyne Performance Formula All Season Diesel Fuel Additive
robert g. (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)

use every fill up great stuff

been using it for years!! 5 STAR

Stanadyne Performance Formula - it does make a difference!

I purchased the product for my 2016 Ram Ecodiesel. I've been running it for 2 years now and can report that the product is amazing. It provides consistent gas mileage despite the weather conditions.The engine runs smoother and is cleaner with the product. Last time I took the truck in for an oil change the mechanic came out to ask me if I had just cleaned the engine or if I had recently got an oil change as it looked so clean.
The number 1 reason I purchased this product was for a known flaw with the EGR in this Ecodiesel. Due to the recirculation, a build up of burnt oil substance can build up on the EGR. This requires a thorough cleaning every 20-30k or the risk of engine failure looms. I can report that while the problem is not eliminated completely, it's improved drastically. I've just passed the threshold of 30k since last looking at the EGR and it looks like it was just cleaned! I am thoroughly impressed by this product and the German reviews I read prior to using it are 100% accurate.
Highly recommend for your diesel engine for around $7/tank. Diesel Parts Canada the best place to buy. Quick shipping, well packaged, reasonable price.

GM 1994-2002 6.5L Calibration Resistor for Pump Mounted Driver (PMD)
Elijah M. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Unfortunately not great

I ordered the this cal resistor and it didn’t match my PMD unfortunately, it seems I have a non-standard PMD. Just an fyi check the groves in your pmd to ensure it will actually match. The physical picture here is a good indication of its shape.


new injectors worked awesome! great customer service! parts were here quick and painless ! and the free shirt fits great! thanks guys!!!

Always excellent service

Ordered injectors and unfortunately they didn’t have enough stock. They phoned me immediately and let me know and if it was alright. Came in a week later and installed them 2 days later. Have always had great service and is the first place I go for my Diesel parts
Thanks again keep up the good work👍