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Ford PowerStroke 7.3L Injector Sleeve Puller / Drive Set

Top spacer of the tool was too thick and did not allow the die to thread into injector sleeve enough. had to replace the spacer with a washer so could achieve the required number of turns of the die into the sleeve.. other than that the tool worked great, removed all 8 sleeves with relatively no problem.


The service was fantastic I reseved my parts quick and the added chocolate was a great touch also the hand written thank you note makes you feel like you’re important as a customer thank you for your service I will certainly purchase from you again

Perfect replacement fuel injector

The service was excellent. The turn around time was very realistic. The communication was handled very well. And the biggest and most appreciated part of the shipment was the KitKat chocolate bar....what a classy touch. Ken

Thanks for all your support and kind words Ken!

Great service awesome product!! Have used on my 2002 Duramax since new and have had no injecter problems what so ever!!!

Great looking truck Lorne! Glad we could help you keep it running!
Great parts exceptional service

I purchased four of these injectors to replace all of the driver side injectors instead of just the one that was failing with a 20% fathers day discount. The parts were shipped the same day with tracking number, arrived in two days and I am out of province. The parts were well packed came with a receipt, shipping label for core return, a DPC T-Shirt and a kit kat candy bar. The parts were replaced and worked perfectly in my truck. Upon sending the injectors back for core return I noticed that the return label was for Purolator and I would have to drive 60 miles just to send these back. Called DPC talked to Jarred and he sent me a Canada Post shipping label within minutes of calling him. Sent the parts back and got my core return in four days including shipping time. Now its hard to beat that kind of service and I will repeat " Great parts and great service"! In closing I can tell you to buy with confidence.

Thanks for all the support and kind words Rod! If you ever need anything just let us know.
Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Additive

Fast delivery, good prices.

Thanks for all your support Wolfgang!
Silly review

WOW, you fellers are as patient as a fox in a hen house, this is the first time I have ordered this product.
Let's see, today is Sunday-- I picked it up on Friday. How do I do a review? UMMM let's see, there were 12 bottles in a case, I ordered 2 cases, this stuff and some summer blend additive, the bottles look nice, I assume it will pour out of the bottles when I am ready to use it, ( it is liquid you know ) but then I really don't know because when I opened the boxes it was 30 degrees with the humidity feeling like almost 40, even the vehicle interiors are almost running in those temps.
Seriously folks, I ordered it 10 days ago, even if I had put it into my truck tank right away, which I haven't because I will use what I have left first. How about you wait a year and then ask me, It takes a long time to do a proper test to determine whether it even works or not, I am always cautious when using a new product because the one time I tried a - cure for cancer - product ( at least the way the fellows were talking it up at the Brandon Ag days ) it left me stranded at the side of the road with gelled fuel at minus 32, so like I said, give it a year, if my truck doesn't leave me stranded this winter I can give you a review.

Hi Abe, Hahaha I know we get pretty anxious to hear what are customers have to say about the products we offer. The more feed back we get the more information our future customers have to decide if this might be something that will work for them too. Thanks for your honesty and I hope you get a opportunity to leave a review once you've really had a chance to try out the Alliant Power ULTRAGUARD.
Stanadyne Performance additive

Have been using this good product for a longtime.
Quiet engine on 2003 VW Jetta wagon.
Smooth engine running on 2009 VW Jetta wagon.
Fast shipping & excellent price.
Diesel parts keep stocking it, will be buying more.

Glad to hear the product has been performing so well for you John. If there is ever anything else you need let us know!
Alliant Vacuum Pump

I ordered it in the afternoon and it was delivered the next day. Installed in under ten minutes and now my HVAC works properly.
This is not my first purchase from Diesel Parts Canada. As before, I am completely pleased with their service.

Thanks for all your support Cliff!
Great Part, Great Price, Great Service

The screen on my 6.0's IPR was caved in and covered in debris from a oil cooler replacement. This part fixed my injector pressure issue. I order this online and picked up in store. The service was great and the staff are very knowledgable.

I'm glad we were able to help you out Chad. Thanks for your support and if you need anything else just let us know!
Fast good service, Quality product!

Fast good service, Quality product!
Fair price.
Thanks Diesel parts Canada!

Thanks for your support Jan! Let us know if you need help with anything else.

SuperFast delivery
Starting using it right away
Hoping for great results

Thanks for all your support George!
Fast shipping. Exactly as ordered

Product came within 3 days. Product was appropriately marked to kee upright. The product packaging was such that it was safe and secure to prevent leaks.
Order process was quick and efficient

Glad to hear we were able to help you have a positive experience Brent!
Steve’s review

Great product recommend to all Diesel engine owners

Glad the Stanadyne additive is working for you Steve! Let us know if you need anything else!

Fast delivery

Thanks for your business Robert!
lubricity additive

just started using it again great service from the people at diesel parts Canada thanks

Thanks for all your kind words and support Dwaine!

Great friendly service. Fast shipping. The mechanics love the product

Thanks for all your support Jason!
Keep up the good work

Great service great product fast delivery and a sweet perk in the box it would be nice if they sold amsoil and filters too I’d buy from them more often thanks guys

Thanks for your support Wade! We will definitely take a look at expanding our product offerings.
Trans filters

Custom ordered transmition filters for my F250(there are 2 of them). Very expedient service. Been ordering from DPC for many years. Don't even compare prices with dillership's anymore as DPC is way chiper. Having their warehouse 10 minutes away helps too.

Your support over the years has been greatly appreciated!
worse crap ever

Causes water to gel and clogs filters, pumps and the whole system, burns dirty and has caused my DEF consumption to increase by 3 fold had to replace my DPF
, My truck was sootier than ever after using this crap ! Strongly suggest staying away from it!!

Hi Wayne, I am sorry to hear about your concerns with the Alliant Power ULTRAGUARD. I can tell you a few things that might explain some of the issues you are having. First most good additives are designed with a a water demulsifier. This helps bind together the water droplets in the fuel so that they get trapped in the fuel filter and do not get into the pump and injectors and damage them. By the sounds of it you must have a significant amount of water in your fuel. As far as the increase in black smoke this tends to happen on the first use of the ULTRAGUARD as the detergent cleans out your fuel system and burns off the soot that has built up. I hope this helps with your concerns and I would suspect by the next use of the ULTRAGUARD that you will find that you have a better running fuel system. If you have any other questions please let me know.

Fast shipping
And great products

Thanks your kind words and for your support Chris!
common rail pump measuring unit

part is installed and works as it should, however the company who delivered it should be replaced. This company is bad for your business and even canadapost would be better.

Hi Sanford, I am sorry to hear that you had issues with the courier. Can I ask what kind of problems occurred. With a little more information we can try and figure out a better alternative. I hope to hear back from you soon.
Works great

Fast shipping and the socket works great.

Thanks for your continued support Neil.
Fast shipping

Kits are complete and simple to install.

Glad to hear everything went well for you Neil!
Diesel Additive Order

Thanks, great product, very fast shipping! Great vendor!!

Thanks for your support Michael!