What the DPF?!?

What the DPF?!?

2008-2010 Ford 6.4L PowerStroke F-250/F-450 Wide Frame Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Diesel Particulate Filters were introduced as away for the OEM to meet government mandated emission standards. Diesel particulates are trapped in the filter and build up over time. Most DPF systems require a "filter regeneration" which is a process that burns off the buildup of particulates in filter. This "regeneration" occurs while driving at highway speeds which can be a problem for vehicles which are used for commuting in city traffic. If a driver ignores the warning light and continues to drive without doing a "regeneration" this can result in the engine derating, an improper "regen" or a complete failure of the DPF. There are different signs that may indicate that there is a problem with your DPF:

    • Loss of coolant
    • Exhaust blow-by
    • Loss in power
    • Loss in fuel efficiency
    • Lower turbo boost
Click here to view our current lineup of DPFs or if you have any questions about your DPF system or if you require a replacement Diesel Particulate Filter please contact us and we will be happy to help.
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Now available: Ford PowerStroke 7.3L Injection Pressure Regulator (IPR) Valves

We've just added two Injection Pressure Regulator (IPR) Valves to our inventory for your 7.3L Ford PowerStroke.


1994-1995.5 7.3L PowerStroke


1995.5-2003 7.3L PowerStroke



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$250.00 Price Drop on Ford PowerStroke 6.0L High Pressure Oil Pump!

Starting today, Diesel Parts Canada is proud to announce a significant price drop on our Ford PowerStroke 6.0L 2004.5-2007 F Series & 2004.5-2010 E Series High Pressure Oil Pump!  Includes complete seal kit.

Remember that with Diesel Parts Canada, all orders over $150.00 get fast free shipping across Canada, prepaid core return shipping, and our top-notch service and expertise.

Click here for details:

Ford Powerstroke High Pressure Oil Pump

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1,000,000 kms and counting!

Roger Ficko’s truck has seen a few kilometres.  In fact, his 1999 Ford F250 7.3L Super Duty diesel has seen enough kilometres to have circled the Earth — 25 times!  What’s his secret?  Regular maintenance and always using Stanadyne Performance Performance Formula diesel fuel additive.

Roger is a manager of business and product development with Advanced Trenchless which has him driving all over Alberta from project-to-project.  As such, it’s important to keep his vehicle running smoothly and on the road.  About 10,000 kms per month were put on the truck leading to the 1,000,000 kms crossover.

The truck has “always run synthetic fluids throughout” and always used the Stanadyne fuel additive.  Oil changes are done every 15,000 kms by Roger himself showing only a loss of 1/2 litre of oil per change, and the engine is still original and never has been opened up.  In fact, just 50,000 kms ago Roger had a compression test done and all 8 cylinders were within 10% of 400 psi.  Just incredible performance and longevity.

How did Roger celebrate the 1,000,000 kms rollover?  In style, doing a 40 kph brake stand surrounded by 50′ of tire smoke.  We hope to have the video to share with you soon.  Finally, what happens after the 999,999.9 mark?  The odometer rolls forward to 000000, ready for its next million.

Congratulations Roger on the accomplishment and we are proud to be your source for Stanadyne Performance Formula diesel fuel additive.

To learn more or purchase Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive, click here.

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Ford PowerStroke 6.0L F Series Turbos Now Available

Diesel Parts Canada is happy to announce that we now have Ford PowerStroke 6.0L Turbos for your 2003-2004, 2004-2005.5, or 2006+ 6.0L F-Series vehicles.

Click here to view our 6.0L Ford PowerStroke Turbos

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Common Rail Pump Measuring Units now available

Common Rail Pump Measuring Units (MPROP) now available on Diesel Parts Canada!

Click here to view the Common Rail Pump Measuring Units

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Injector and Pump Test Facilities

Do you have injectors or injection pumps that need testing?  Click here to see how Diesel Parts Canada can help!

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Family Day Long Weekend

A quick reminder that Diesel Parts Canada will be closed for the Family Day Long Weekend here in Alberta.  Any weekend orders will be sent out on Tuesday.

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John Deere Injectors Now Available at Diesel Parts Canada

Diesel Parts Canada is pleased to announce the release of Alliant Power Remanufactured Common Rail Injectors for the 4.5 L, 6.8 L, 8.1 L, and 9.0 L John Deere engine platforms.

Each injector is packaged with its corresponding trim codes and includes the necessary hardware needed for installation.

All new products are backed with Alliant Power’s 13-month, unlimited hours warranty, as well as Diesel Parts Canada's technical support.

Click Here to View Our John Deere Injectors

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2014 / 2015 Holiday Season Hours

Please note that we will be taking a much deserved break during the holiday season.  Orders placed between December 24 and 28 will be shipped out first thing Monday, December 29, 2014.

Orders placed between December 31 and January 2 will be shipped out first thing Monday, January 5, 2015.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year from all of us at Diesel Parts Canada!

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Let customers speak for us

775 reviews
Ford PowerStroke 7.3L Injector Sleeve Puller / Drive Set

Top spacer of the tool was too thick and did not allow the die to thread into injector sleeve enough. had to replace the spacer with a washer so could achieve the required number of turns of the die into the sleeve.. other than that the tool worked great, removed all 8 sleeves with relatively no problem.


The service was fantastic I reseved my parts quick and the added chocolate was a great touch also the hand written thank you note makes you feel like you’re important as a customer thank you for your service I will certainly purchase from you again

Perfect replacement fuel injector

The service was excellent. The turn around time was very realistic. The communication was handled very well. And the biggest and most appreciated part of the shipment was the KitKat chocolate bar....what a classy touch. Ken

Thanks for all your support and kind words Ken!

Great service awesome product!! Have used on my 2002 Duramax since new and have had no injecter problems what so ever!!!

Great looking truck Lorne! Glad we could help you keep it running!
Great parts exceptional service

I purchased four of these injectors to replace all of the driver side injectors instead of just the one that was failing with a 20% fathers day discount. The parts were shipped the same day with tracking number, arrived in two days and I am out of province. The parts were well packed came with a receipt, shipping label for core return, a DPC T-Shirt and a kit kat candy bar. The parts were replaced and worked perfectly in my truck. Upon sending the injectors back for core return I noticed that the return label was for Purolator and I would have to drive 60 miles just to send these back. Called DPC talked to Jarred and he sent me a Canada Post shipping label within minutes of calling him. Sent the parts back and got my core return in four days including shipping time. Now its hard to beat that kind of service and I will repeat " Great parts and great service"! In closing I can tell you to buy with confidence.

Thanks for all the support and kind words Rod! If you ever need anything just let us know.