1,000,000 kms and counting!

Roger Ficko’s truck has seen a few kilometres.  In fact, his 1999 Ford F250 7.3L Super Duty diesel has seen enough kilometres to have circled the Earth — 25 times!  What’s his secret?  Regular maintenance and always using Stanadyne Performance Performance Formula diesel fuel additive.

Roger is a manager of business and product development with Advanced Trenchless which has him driving all over Alberta from project-to-project.  As such, it’s important to keep his vehicle running smoothly and on the road.  About 10,000 kms per month were put on the truck leading to the 1,000,000 kms crossover.

The truck has “always run synthetic fluids throughout” and always used the Stanadyne fuel additive.  Oil changes are done every 15,000 kms by Roger himself showing only a loss of 1/2 litre of oil per change, and the engine is still original and never has been opened up.  In fact, just 50,000 kms ago Roger had a compression test done and all 8 cylinders were within 10% of 400 psi.  Just incredible performance and longevity.

How did Roger celebrate the 1,000,000 kms rollover?  In style, doing a 40 kph brake stand surrounded by 50′ of tire smoke.  We hope to have the video to share with you soon.  Finally, what happens after the 999,999.9 mark?  The odometer rolls forward to 000000, ready for its next million.

Congratulations Roger on the accomplishment and we are proud to be your source for Stanadyne Performance Formula diesel fuel additive.

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