Alliant Power LUBRIGUARD™ Diesel Fuel Treatment


LUBRIGUARD™ is a highly concentrated lubricating fuel treatment with cetane improver that provides superior fuel system protection for all diesel engines in warm weather environments. LUBRIGUARD™ has been developed using a unique combination of additives designed to supplement dry fuels that are known to cause premature wear of the fuel system. This diesel fuel treatment is available in three different sizes listed in the table below. Lubricates Fuel System Reducing Friction & Wear Restores Engine Power & Torque Improves Fuel Economy Increases Cetane for Improved Engine Combustion Cleans Internal & External Injector Deposits Stabilizes & Extends Fuel Shelf Life Removes Water by Demulsification Protects Against Fuel System Rust & Corrosion Alliant Power LUBRIGUARD™ has been formulated using technologically advanced chemistry designed to protect the most advanced high-pressure common rail diesel fuel systems as well as conventional fuel systems. LUBRIGUARD™ is alcohol free, compatible with ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), bio-diesel (up to B20), and exhaust aftertreatment emission systems (DPF & SCR).

Product Weight: 13.0 lb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David R. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Great Additive

I switched to Alliant Power from Stanadyne and the performance is equal at half the cost and half the volume. 1 x 16oz treats 4 tanks of gas vs the Stanadyne 1 x 16ox treats 2 tanks of fuel. 360,000+ km on original injectors and going strong.

Dave C. (Barrie, Ontario, Canada)
Tested it against the Stanadyne Warm Blend

The Alliant additive performed better (2-4% usually) and treats twice as much fuel as the Stanadyne .Bottles are easier to open when fueling up. In my old tractor (IDI engine) that clatters bad and is an easy tell for cetane improvement (clatters less), the Alliant did seem to have a bit more of a cetane improvement.

Thanks for taking the time to inform other customers about your experience with the Alliant Power LUBRIGUARD.

Dave C. (Detroit, Michigan, United States)
Testing against Stanadyne

Testing against Stanadyne (our normal treatment). Like that it is more concentrated.

Have you noticed a difference?

Abe S. (Carman, Manitoba, Canada)
Fuel additive results

Actually to be perfectly honest I haven't tried the Lubriguard yet, I have used the Ultraguard and the warm weather blend and I can't really notice much of a difference between the 2, BUT, having said that I do like using the product, I just came back from a BC road trip, did a fair bit of driving around on the Island, I drive a 2008 Silverado 2500HD Duramax and from what some other people are claiming for fuel mileage my truck just never seems to do as well, it is still good though, I have a 98 gal aux. fuel tank and with that full, 4 people and luggage I am easily over 9000 lbs, ( I weighed it with the aux. tank and box empty it was 8000 lbs), 2 years ago we took the truck to Vancouver Island and my fuel mileage (hand calculated) was 21 to 23 mpg imperial gallons with one tank in the mountains reaching almost 27, this year with the Stanadyne my worst tank was 23.25 mpg and my best was coming back from Golden BC to Medicine Hat AB I hit 29 mpg on that one tank only, I haven't done any close calculating yet but my guess is 25 average. Can't complain with that. Thanks for a good WORKING product.

Hi Abe,
Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. That information will be invaluable to other people looking for a quality additive. Thanks for all your support.