Alliant Power ULTRAGUARD™ Diesel Fuel Treatment


ULTRAGUARD™ is an all-season, multi-functional fuel treatment that provides complete fuel system and injector protection for all diesel engines. ULTRAGUARD™ is designed to improve base diesel fuel quality providing superior fuel system protection under all operating conditions. This premium diesel fuel treatment is available in 4 different sizes listed in the table below.

  • Restores Engine Power, Torque, & Improves Fuel Economy
  • Increases Cetane for Improved Engine Combustion
  • Cleans Deposits & Eliminates Stiction in Common Rail Injectors
  • Removes Water by Demulsification, Stabilizes, & Protects Against Rust & Corrosion
  • Lubricates Fuel System Reducing Friction & Wear
  • Provides Anti-Gel Protection & Improves Diesel Pour Point
  • Reduces Particulates in Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems (DPF & SCR)
  • Minimizes Filter Clogging from Asphaltenes

Alliant Power ULTRAGUARD™ has been formulated using technologically advanced chemistry
designed to protect the most advanced high-pressure common rail diesel fuel systems as
well as conventional fuel systems. ULTRAGUARD™ is alcohol free, compatible with ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), bio-diesel (up to B20), and exhaust aftertreatment emission systems (DPF & SCR).

Product Weight: 13.5 lb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Great service, arrived within two days. Thank you!

I'm glad we could help you out Brian!
Excellent service and quick shipping

Excellent service and quick shipping!!

Thanks for all your support Kevin!
NOT enough time yet to give an appropriate review

I received this 14 days ago and had to use up my full tank first. I have been using Standyne products up to this point and will be using the Ultraguard once I get to it so I have no review really that I can provide as you have asked. But the benefits listed on the package I will hold to be true. Just have not had the use of it that much as of yet to see if it really helps.

Thanks for the update Decker! Please feel free to send a review once you have had a chance to try out the ULTRAGUARD.
Fast Shipping

Always quick shipping. Packaged well and safe! As for the product I haven’t used it yet.

I'm glad we have been able to provide you with consistent and reliable service Brandon. Feel free to update your review once you've been able to give the ULTRAGUARD a try.
Silly review

WOW, you fellers are as patient as a fox in a hen house, this is the first time I have ordered this product.
Let's see, today is Sunday-- I picked it up on Friday. How do I do a review? UMMM let's see, there were 12 bottles in a case, I ordered 2 cases, this stuff and some summer blend additive, the bottles look nice, I assume it will pour out of the bottles when I am ready to use it, ( it is liquid you know ) but then I really don't know because when I opened the boxes it was 30 degrees with the humidity feeling like almost 40, even the vehicle interiors are almost running in those temps.
Seriously folks, I ordered it 10 days ago, even if I had put it into my truck tank right away, which I haven't because I will use what I have left first. How about you wait a year and then ask me, It takes a long time to do a proper test to determine whether it even works or not, I am always cautious when using a new product because the one time I tried a - cure for cancer - product ( at least the way the fellows were talking it up at the Brandon Ag days ) it left me stranded at the side of the road with gelled fuel at minus 32, so like I said, give it a year, if my truck doesn't leave me stranded this winter I can give you a review.

Hi Abe, Hahaha I know we get pretty anxious to hear what are customers have to say about the products we offer. The more feed back we get the more information our future customers have to decide if this might be something that will work for them too. Thanks for your honesty and I hope you get a opportunity to leave a review once you've really had a chance to try out the Alliant Power ULTRAGUARD.